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Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Houzz, and who knows what’s around the corner?! Perhaps you’ve dabbled with these social sites personally or on behalf of your business. Mastery, however, is elusive in the social media world, especially by the occasional user.

We believe that good, honest marketing is about relationships. We also believe that Social Media is one of the best ways to develop and grow business relationships, and at SPRING, we are Social Media Experts!  We study best practices. We follow new trends. We try new things. We work for you every day, creating the right combination that works for your business, creating and developing relationships with new and existing customers.

Our services range from social media site set-up to social media posting on any and every social site. We have the tools to keep your social media running and responsive with 24/7 service, allowing you to focus on doing what you’re good at – running your business.

Bank Social

For Financial Institutions, success in Social Media means you grab people’s attention with amazing Design, you get Social by engaging them in relevant and interesting conversation and you Comply with all policies and regulations. Spring’s comprehensive social media solution is designed specifically for Community Banks and Credit Unions to help them balance regulatory mandates while enjoying the competitive advantages that social media has to offer. In a nutshell, Bank Social provides a total turn-key social media solution comprised of Compliance, Human Resources, Training, IT, Marketing and Graphic Design!

Here’s how we do it:

We Know Design: Telling your story is only part of the process – painting the picture is the other! People are visual – especially in the electronic world and that’s why having amazing design is so important, it’s what opens the door to conversation. Our award winning Graphic Design creates eye catching and relevant imagery that projects your brand and personality. Custom graphics for strategic social posts also present your Bank or Credit Union in a professional light and sets you apart from the competition.

We Know Social: Given the rapid pace at which social media changes, we keep up with the constantly evolving nature of each outlet so you don’t have to. We take this seriously and have undergone extensive and ongoing training in order maintain our Online Marketing Certified Professional Certification status (OMCP). With this expertise under our belt along with having a complete understanding of your Social Media objectives, we can deliver the heart and soul to your followers. We do this in your voice, with your personality by creating interesting and relevant content that engages and grows your audience. Not only do we post regularly, we monitor feedback, listen to comments and participate in the conversation. After all, social means SOCIAL, and posting on a schedule with no interaction just doesn’t get it!

We Know Compliance: The FFIEC is clear on its expectations of Banks and Credit Unions choosing to participate or not participate in Social Media. While you understand consumer protection and compliance laws, regulations and policies, we have the expertise and technology to enforce your policies, comply with regulation, archive all content and provide documentation for management, auditors and regulators. Before the first post goes live, we work with you to build out a documented plan that satisfies all seven components of your risk management program which will enable us to collaborate compliantly. This means your Financial Institution will be equipped with :

  • A governance structure outlining clear roles, responsibilities, controls and ongoing assessment of risk associated with all social media activities.
  • Social Media Employee Use and Management Policies and Procedures.
  • Risk Matrix identifying vulnerabilities, triggers and controls to address each risk.
  • Branded employee training slide deck incorporating strategy, policies, procedures and appropriate use.
  • Compliant posting and remediation of all social content on proprietary sites by bouncing and analyzing comments against regulatory requirements as well as your established risk and policy parameters.
  • Social Archive of all posts, comments and risk remediation efforts on each platform.
  • Monthly reports including social effectiveness and reach as well as archived posts and comments.

Please read more about our Bank Monitor compliance solution below.  Above is a very brief description of the program, so please contact us for a more thorough explanation of all platform details.

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Bank Monitor

If you’re like most Financial Institutions, dedicating existing resources to manage a compliant social media platform and deploying technology to monitor, capture, respond and archive all content has proven to be a time consuming, difficult, and expensive barrier to break through!

We can help!

BANK MONITOR is a comprehensive “turn key” service enabling your institution to be “every day audit ready” at a price point below the cost of a minimum wage employee! With this powerful tool in place, banks and credit unions are equipped to build a complete social presence on top of a totally compliant infrastructure.

Here’s how we do it:

Rules: Customized documents are created to satisfy your risk management program. The components we provide to you are: Governance Structure, Social Media Acceptable Use and Management Policies, Risk Assessment Matrix, and a branded Employee Training Slide Deck for initial and annual re-training.

Risk: We take your policies as well as regulatory requirements, classify risk levels for each, and assign an automated work flow for execution when a violation is identified.

Remediation: All data posted to your proprietary sites is captured and bounced against your established policy and risk parameters, and analyzed for policy violations. Real time notification of any level of violation ensures timely remediation efforts are taken.

Reports: We provide a monthly Social Archive Report that lists not only posts made by your financial institution, but also any comments made by others on your proprietary sites. In addition, we provide you with a detailed audit trail of all violation flags that includes author, actual content and remediation efforts taken.

Imagine having a program in place that removes all barriers, provides you with a totally compliant infrastructure to be audit-ready on a daily basis, and frees up your staff to do what they do best…bank!

Above is a very brief description of Bank Monitor, so please contact us for a more thorough explanation of all platform details.




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Brand Development

What’s in a name? Everything. Your business name and identity convey the foundations of what you do and how you do it. It is your brand that will either entice the consumer to try you or send them away.

Good news for you, creating a brand is one of our favorite things to do. In fact, we’ve won awards for brand creation, logo design, and collateral materials supporting the brand (think letterhead, business cards, and envelopes, etc.).

What does your current brand say about you? What do you want it to say? You’re good at your business, we’re great at branding. Let us help you speak your brand the way you dreamed it could be spoken.

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Design: Advertising and Collateral Materials

Once your brand is developed, following up with brochures, flyers, a business system (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, labels, etc.), and signage continues to speak the quality of your brand. We walk you through the process of defining who you are with words, design, and ultimately, a finished product for customers to discover more about you.

We’ll help you develop an integrated approach to getting your business message to customers and keep it within your budget. We take care of the design and production, freeing you up to do what you do best – running your business!



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Website: Design, Maintenance, Posting and Hosting

The cornerstone of business communication in the 21st century, your website should be more important than even your business cards! Why? It’s the way people find out who you are and what you do BEFORE they even walk through your door!

Websites done our way will gain you internet magic (technical term = search engine optimization) that makes you easily findable when customers go looking for you specifically OR if their searching for a business that offers the services you offer. Our websites are beautiful, easy-to-navigate, and easily updatable giving you a great business tool that can change when you do.

We host the websites we design and back them up daily. What does that mean to you? Our hosting servers are with two of the most respected website hosting companies in the United States which are also on opposite ends of the country. So at any moment, if one goes down, we can easily get your website back up and running by utilizing our alternate host server. This protects you from downtime and protects your investment in this important business asset. We also provide special tools for your website as part of the package including spam blockers, providing further optimization and protection of your website. High traffic spikes are never an issue. We’ve got you covered.

But what really sets us apart in the world of marketing is our partnership with you in the ongoing process of building your website. This ongoing journey we travel together augments you as the leader of your business and provides you with a marketing team that journeys with you to business success. We love making our clients better and communicating their message — every day.

Here’s a few other details you might want to know. All of our websites are browser-friendly (they will work in every browser known to man). They are optimized for smart phones. And they work on every kind of device, especially iPhones and iPads. (Ever get to a website that won’t work on your iPad?) We stay on top of technology so you don’t have to.



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Our award-winning photography team will knock your socks off (although we recommend that you put them back on because your feet…well…let’s just say it’s not smelling like roses). Their creative eye can give you a whole new perspective on what you do and how you do it. We can help you put your best foot forward!

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Video Production

Today’s consumers have experienced the luxury of video images since the first motion pictures in the 1920’s. For good or for bad, our attention spans are shorter and the clutter to capture attention is greater. At SPRING Media, we love to produce video that captures not only the eye, but the heart as well, with an artistic essence that speaks to the quality of your brand. We’ll put together the right message presented in a creative way and deliver it to your customers no matter where they are, from your website to You Tube to television to movie theaters.



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Other Services

Want your business e-mail to match your domain name (we highly recommend this to build your brand)? We do that too! We know the in’s and out’s, the do’s and don’ts. And we can set up new e-mail addresses super fast so you’ve got what you need when you need it.