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Spring Media Bank Monitor

Providing Your Financial Institution


Imagine having a program in place that removes all barriers, provides you with a compliant infrastructure to be audit-ready on a daily basis, and frees up your staff to do what they do best: bank!

Comprehensive social media compliance management for financial institutions.

Here's How We Do It


Customized documents are created to satisfy your risk management program. The components we provide to you are: Governance Structure, Social Media Acceptable Use and Management Policies, Risk Assessment Matrix, and a branded Employee Training Slide Deck for initial and annual re-training.


We take your policies as well as regulatory requirements, classify risk levels for each, and assign an automated work flow for execution when a violation is identified.


All data posted to your proprietary sites is captured and bounced against your established policy and risk parameters, and analyzed for policy violations. Real time notification of any level of violation ensures timely remediation efforts are taken.


We provide a monthly Social Archive Report that lists not only posts made by your financial institution, but also any comments made by others on your proprietary sites. In addition, we provide you with a Policy Violation Report which is a detailed audit trail of all violation flags that includes author, actual content and remediation efforts taken.

The Compliance Challenge


If you’re like most Financial Institutions, dedicating existing resources to manage a compliant social media platform and deploying technology to monitor, capture, respond and archive all content has proven to be a time-consuming, difficult, and expensive barrier to break through!

The FFIEC is clear on its expectations of Banks and Credit Unions choosing to participate or not participate in Social Media, per their Consumer Compliance Risk Management Guidance released in December 2013. The documents are quite extensive and detailed, encompassing twelve pages of elements financial institutions should consider regarding social media compliance. While you understand consumer protection and compliance laws, regulations and policies, you may not have the expertise and technology to enforce social media policies, comply with regulation, archive all content and provide the required documentation for management, auditors and regulators. We can help!

Why Choose Spring?

Having collective experience of 43 years in the Banking and Financial Services industry, this husband and wife team is acutely aware of the challenges financial institutions face when attempting to enter and be successful in the social media arena.

Jill Williams photo

Jill Williams

Jill developed, implemented, and manages the Bank Monitor program on a daily basis. Jill has over 21 years of experience in banking as Vice President of Human Resources, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking, Head of Digital Marketing, as well as creating, implementing and training the Sales and Service culture. With a belief that digital and social media would eventually become critical to financial institutions, she trained 150+ hours in an effort to develop a comprehensive social media program for banks and credit unions. Jill has earned multiple certifications in areas of SEO, Mobile, Social and Content Marketing, as well as the Online Marketing Certified Professional designation and AIB Bank Marketing Diploma.


Monte Williams

Monte oversees all financial operations at Spring Media and focuses on strategy, planning, and business development. Monte has over 22 years of experience in finance, primarily working with banking and investment-related service organizations. Prior to joining Spring, he served as Independent Financial Advisor and Managing Partner for SouthTrust Advisors. Monte holds a bachelor's degree from Louisiana Tech University in Finance, and received many professional licenses including Series 7 and Series 66 Securities licenses; Life, Health, and Variable Annuity Insurance licenses.

BANK MONITOR Deliverables.
How ready are you?

BANK MONITOR enables financial institutions to embrace the value of social media by mitigating legal and regulatory risk all while being audit ready on a daily basis.


$ 750

Per Month
  • Social Marketing Plan and Governance Structure
  • Social Media Employee Use and Management Policy
  • Proactive Risk Management with real-time monitoring of posts to enforce company policy and regulatory compliance
  • Social Media Employee Training Program
  • Real-time proactive Reputation Monitoring and Remediation
  • Social Archive to capture all posts and comments, and remediation
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When a Financial Institution has a question about Social Media Compliance, there is only one answer: Bank Monitor. Imagine having a program in place that removes all barriers, provides you with a compliant infrastructure to be audit-ready on a daily basis, and frees up your staff to do what they do best: bank!

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