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Protect Your Bank’s Social Media Presence: Detect Facebook Messenger Spam with Bank Monitor

Check your Facebook Messenger now, we’ll wait… Do you have recent instances of spam? Are there messages that look like they are coming from Meta or Facebook Support? You are not alone! There has been a significant increase in Messenger Spam, specifically relating to account takedowns. Most of the messages are branded with the appropriate logos and links, and at first glance, they appear legitimate. The tone of the message is one of urgency, leading one to believe that the page has either been or will be taken down unless specific actions are taken within a specified period of time. The goal is to have the attached link clicked and login credentials entered. This link is malicious, and the intent is to take over the Facebook page for malicious reasons.


We understand that this issue is growing, and so is the concern for owners of these affected pages. While it may seem like you can’t manage this type of risk, don’t give up. Bank Monitor employs technology to identify these specific types of messages along with potential and known malicious links. This issue is happening to our bank clients as well, but because they are under the umbrella of Bank Monitor, these messages are identified within seconds, reviewed, and remediated to deter any type of takeover. Within Bank Monitor, these bad actors are added to a watch list, and once on the list, anytime they choose to come back to the page and post any type of content, we know about it immediately and can determine their intent and act accordingly.


Social media and the challenges that come with it are ever-changing and, quite honestly, frustrating at times. But don’t let compliance and inappropriate contributors deter you from utilizing this business resource. With Bank Monitor, you and your bank can feel confident that there is a gatekeeper monitoring 24/7, keeping your social platforms safe and your bank in line with regulatory compliance guidelines.


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